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    Dave's Blog — New Products



    This sketch is still a Work In Progress, but a project that I've been eager to do for a long time. I enjoy creating detailed maps & such, and I've always wanted to make one of my hometown. This will be full color when it's complete. My plan is to create an 18 x 24 puzzle, posters, & maybe a few other items, as well. It'll be fun & I'll post more on it's progress later.

    Although I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for many years now, Chicago will always be home "no matter where I roam". I still enjoy visiting when I can, and still have family & good friends there. It is so, so big & with so many places to visit, it was difficult to choose what to highlight. So it came down to some basics. These are sights that I've visited many times, loved, & spark many great memories for me. When I was really young, trips to the "Loop" were magical to me. It was always exciting when my dad would pile us in the car for a trip "downtown". Whether it was a boat ride on the lake, an afternoon at the aquarium, or a day game at Wrigley Field, each trip was special. When I got older it was going for pizza to Uno's, Lou's, or Giordono's with friends that was so much fun. Chicago hot dogs, Mr Beef, Chicago Stadium...don't get me started. Maybe a story & drawing for another day.

    Being that we just past Father's Day last Sunday, I remember how fun it was for my dad to take us to these places. Sometimes it was all of us, but other times it was just the two of us with me riding shotgun. One particular trip I remember riding in the car with my dad, & we were driving north on Lake Shore Drive. Really a stunning view that day. I think we were going to Evanston, or something, but I asked him why are we going this way? This way is longer. I was a teenager then, & of course thought I knew everything. However, by that time my dad had traveled plenty in his job and seen just about every big city in the US & elsewhere. He said,"Well yes...but this is the most beautiful road I've ever been on & I can never get enough of it. So sometimes you take your time, & go out of your way a little to enjoy something that you really love." That was a long time ago now & dad has since moved on, but I'll always remember that little tip. Pretty simple, but so true. So whenever I'm in Chicago I still go out of my way to take the "Drive". Takes me longer most times, but it's those memories I love that makes it always worth it. :)

    I'm going to really enjoy this project. Stay tuned...